Altair Trio has an extensive repertoire of all the available classical string trios, such as those beauties by Schubert, Mozart, Ravel, Haydn and Beethoven. We also enjoy performing many popular and wedding favorites, along with Christmas, Jewish, Irish fiddling, country, tango, waltz, opera, rags, jazz, movie soundtrack, and even rock! For your special event, we can suggest the music, or we would be happy to work with you on selecting a play list. Special requests can also be researched. Solo, duo and trio music is also offered for different combinations of string and wind instruments, along with piano.

Your special event will be greatly enhanced with live music expertly performed by personable and truly passionate music lovers. The visual and audio elements of live performance can not be replaced by recorded sound!  Below are some various recent short recording examples of our string trio for you to sample: